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Birthday Reflections

It’s my birthday. Back-to-school and my birthday always fall within a week or so of each other, so inevitably it’s reflection time, goal-setting time, a chance to figure out where I’m on track and where I want to concentrate my efforts on this particular trip around the sun. There are lots of things I wanted to accomplish last year that I didn’t, but I tried, and I’ll keep pushing this year.

Me at ten months with my mum

But this afternoon, sitting with my favourite hot chocolate and letting my mind wander, I got thinking about some of the things that are really great about being this age. I’m 41, and while I’m not sure I like how quickly the years are going by (actually, I know I don’t), some parts of it are pretty damn good. Here are some of the ones that appeal to me the most:

– knowing who I am and what’s important to me
– knowing whom I love and who loves me
– having a great kid
– not being too upset anymore if someone doesn’t like me
– not being afraid to have or express strong opinions
– liking what I like and not caring what other people think
– not being afraid of so many of the things that scared me when I was younger
– not feeling the need to conform to anyone’s idea of what’s cool
– not suffering fools
– being able to pick up where we left off with old friends whenever the chance arises to talk with them, no matter how much time may have gone by
– knowing so many great people who make my life richer by being part of it

And, as I recently discovered in a conversation about mutual connections, playing “six degrees of separation” is WAY more fun at 41 than it was at 21.

I know I’m forgetting a lot of things that could be on that list, but that’s a good start. What are some of the things you like best about being the age you are?


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