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We remember. Both the men pictured here lived long after the war. But they served. We remember them, and all the others who have given their youth, their peace of mind, their health, their limbs or their mobility or their eyes, their all, and, all too often, their lives. Thank you to all who have gone before and to the men and women who serve still.

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I’ve gathered up some of the links to blogs written by this year’s SiWC attendees about the conference and have posted them on the blog at the SiWC website today. Check them out! http://www.siwc.ca/blogs/kathychung/siwc-2012-review

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My good friend Tyner Gillies mentioned me in his blog post this afternoon. It didn’t occur to me until he posted it that agreeing to be mentioned meant he’d point you here, and you’d find the crickets chirping, filling in the silence.

As many of you know, my head gets entirely eaten every fall, specifically every September through about the first week of November by my role as coordinator of the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. This year was no different.

So apologies for the silence. If you’re new here, I hope you’ll find something you like in the archives. I’ll be back soon!

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