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Lucky 7 Meme for Ev

The lovely Ev Bishop, a writer friend of mine, tagged me in this meme. Since I’ve been woefully neglectful of my blog, her tag seemed like as good a kick in the butt as any to get something new up here. 🙂

I’m nowhere near page 77 in the new WIP, which is still pretty much just a WI my thoughts rather than on paper, so this is 7 lines beginning at line 7 on page 77 of Amanda, my last MS:

Peter made the first noises about heading for home. “Can I give you a lift, Amanda? It’s not very far out of my way.”

My heart sank. I’d been looking forward to a few quiet moments to indulge in enjoying my private crush on Michael on the way home, but he was right. It would be much more convenient for Peter, who lived on my side of the bridge. “If you’re sure you don’t mind. I’ll get my car back tomorrow, with luck.” He agreed, and I avoided looking at Michael in case he saw the disappointment I didn’t want him to know about

There you go, Ev. Thanks for the push to get back to the blog!

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